Book 7

Young Mr. Darcy in Love

label_synopsisYoung Mr. Darcy in Love

Two young suitors, torn apart by time and circumstance. Geoffrey Darcy, son of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, is completing his third and final year at Cambridge under the watchful eye of his cousin and graduate fellow George Wickham Junior. Georgiana Bingley, daughter of Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet, is spending her time in London with her sister and friends, where matchmaking and flirtation rules the social scene.

But trouble is brewing with King Georgie IV’s advisors, including a scheming minister and a mysterious figure from Germany bearing secrets of the Darcy family. Can the family survive the suspicions of the highest court of the land?

In Altman’s seventh installment of The Darcys and the Bingleys, she follows the children of the characters of Pride and Prejudice as they struggle to right the wrongs of the past and find their own wedded bliss.

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2 Responses to Book 7

  1. kneyda says:

    Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it. Woo-hoo! Thank you for writing it and for the one in the works too.

  2. Fona says:

    I bought this yesterday at around 10am and finished it this morning around 3am!! Couldn’t put it down I get so involved with the characters and their escapades..the problem now is that I have a lost feeling..withdrawal symptoms. Dunno if winter can come soon enough 😦 but I suppose it’s better than having to wait a whole year 🙂

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