Returning Cast from Pride and Prejudice

Fitzwilliam Darcy: If you don’t know who he is, you shouldn’t be reading a Pride and Prejudice sequel.

Georgiana Darcy: Darcy’s younger, unmarried sister.

Charles Bingley: Darcy’s close friend, engaged to Jane Bennet. A gentleman of 5,000 pounds a year. No, that’s not his weight.

Caroline Bingley: Charles’s older sister, unmarried at 29.

Mrs. Louisa Hurst (nee Bingley): Charles Bingley’s oldest sister, married to Mr. Hurst.

Mr. Bennet: The father of five daughters, one married and two engaged. His goal: to outlive the Old Took.

Mrs. Bennet (nee Gardiner): Mr. Bennet’s wife and the harried mother of five daughters. Her goal: See all her daughters married, scandalously on occasion.

Jane Bennet: The Eldest and most beautiful Bennet daughter, engaged to Mr. Bingley.

Elizabeth Bennet: The second Bennet daughter, engaged to – look, just go read Pride and Prejudice. There, I said it and I’m not taking it back.

Mary Bennet: The middle daughter, known for her middle-child syndrome and middle-child piano playing. Unmarried.

Kitty (Catherine) Bennet: The fourth daughter, and probably where Mrs. Bennet gave up on having a son. Unmarried.

Lydia Wickham (nee Bennet): The only married daughter, albeit it was a shotgun wedding, with Darcy holding the metaphorical shotgun.

George Wickham: Colonel, gambler, seducer of young women, and we can guess not a very faithful husband to Lydia Wickham.

Mr. Hurst: Mrs. Hurst’s husband. Good to have around if you need someone passed out at your party.

Thomas Collins: Mr. Bennet’s nephew and heir to the estate of Longbourn. I would explain the law of entail but it’s actually pretty boring.

Charlotte Collins (nee Lucas): Mr. Collin’s long-suffering wife. You know, the one you deride in English class because she “settled.”

Mr. Gardiner: Mrs. Bennet’s brother, a tradesman who owns a house in on Gracechurch Street, in the unfashionable area of London.

Mrs. Gardiner: Elizabeth’s confident and designated “moral-supporter” when Jane couldn’t tow the line.

New Additions

Lord James Kincaid: Caroline Bingley’s suitor. A Scottish earl who made a fortune in Australia.

Robert Kincaid: The younger brother of James Kincaid and heir to the earldom should his brother kick the bucket.

Fiona Kincaid: A highlander with a mysterious connection to the Kincaid family.

Dr. Daniel Maddox: The near-destitute doctor and surgeon who treats Mr. Hurst and quite possibly has a larger role in the plot.

Brian Maddox: The other brother of Daniel Maddox, and the one who lost the family fortune gambling and is hiding from his creditors in Europe.

Gregoire Bellamont: Darcy’s half-brother, the son of Old Mr. Darcy and his wife’s lady-maid, Mrs. Bellamont.

Princess Nadezhda Maddox (nee Agnita of Sibui) – Brian Maddox’s Transylvanian wife.

Mugin-san – A half-Japanese, half-Ryukyu ex-con who travels with Brian and Nadezhda to avoid his creditors.


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