Book 8

The Chrysanthemum and the Rose



coversmallThere is peace in Derbyshire as a new generation of the Darcy family begins, but the younger Mr. and Mrs. Darcy set their sights far away, to Japan, an island nation closed off to all but a few foreigners. There they will travel to find Georgiana Darcy’s elusive former teacher, the wandering thing Mugin, so that she can finally complete her training before settling down to married life in the English countryside.

But getting into Japan, a country hostile to Westerners and controlled by the Tokugawa shogun, won’t be easy, and finding Mugin will be even harder. Is the young couple up to the challenge?

In Altman’s eighth installment of the Darcys and the Bingleys, we travel far abroad to the dangerous world of 19th-Century Asia, where political tensions are high and danger is very real.

But it in paperback or on Kindle c39f8-buy2 .


11 Responses to Book 8

  1. Erica says:

    So excited!!!

  2. Cherri T. says:

    I’s ready!

  3. kneyda says:

    I’m there.

  4. Just finished Young Mr Darcy …, I am excited about the next and I love love love your series. I love the elder Darcy and Bingley banter. All the way back to that first book when Bingley wanted “advice ” so good

  5. Michelle Woods says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  6. Debbie Hughes says:

    When is The Chrysanthemum and The Rose coming out?

  7. Rosalie KH says:

    I just discovered your series on Amazon last week so I have ignored my children for the past 7 days and have read all of your books. Love them and now I need book 8. Hurry up and get it released or I will have nothing to read and I will be forced to clean my house and fix my children a proper dinner.

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